Weddings and Partnerships

Since the Eighteenth Century, the music of the Northumbrian Pipes has been used to welcome the bride and groom to their special event, and to celebrate the wedding ceremony itself. Traditional tunes are used today to accompany the bride down the aisle; to entertain the gathering guests and whilst the certificates are signed; and to welcome the bride and groom after the event. In a time of change it is often valuable to refer back to older traditions. Northumbrian Pipes represent a tradition that is suitable for any marriage or partnership celebration.

Weddings and partnerships are a unique celebration of a couples love for each other. To reflect this ‘Northumbrians And Pipers’ are happy to discuss your ideas, from the earliest stage of your planning, without any obligation whatsoever.


For centuries Northumbrian Pipes have been played to celebrate the significant events in a life’s journey.
The unique sound can instil an appropriate air of respect at any funeral, cremation or wake. Whether accompanying the cortege, welcoming mourners to the ceremony or playing at the graveside, the music of Northumberland offers a truly fitting send off for a loved one.

The career, family and interests of each person’s life represent a unique set of achievements, and as such the selection of tunes at each funeral can be tailored to reflect those characteristics. If you would like a piper to mark your loved one's passing, please contact Susan or Malcolm.